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  This Web site provides educational information to help infertility organizations develop, host, operate, and promote their infertility Web sites.

  Obtaining a domain name
  Free Web site development
  Tips for hiring
  Tips for building
  Main pages to use
  One site or two Web sites?
  Newsletters into educational pages
  Generating PDF files
  Adding features
  Additional material
  Optimized site design
  Uploading files

  Selecting Web hosting provider
  Free Web site hosting
  Web Hosting Tutorial
  Educational articles

  Promoting site in search engines
  Promoting site in general directories
  Promoting site in infertility directories
  Promoting site with banner ads
  Promoting Site via PR announcements
  Promoting site with email newsletters
  Acquiring links
  Exchanging links
  Additional tips

  Selecting secure password
  Changing email password
  Web traffic reports
  Liability issues


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